Specialist Tube




We stock a comprehensive range of thick wall and mechanical tube including CDS, HFS, line pipe, hollow and smooth bore.

Due to the extensive range available it is impossible to list all the products stocked, so please call with your specific requirements.




Range of sizes and specifications:
CDSfrom 7.94mm o/d
to 165.1mm o/d
(0.91mm thick)
(6.35mm thick)
DOMfrom 40mm o/d
to 100mm o/d
(4mm thick)
HFSfrom 48.3mm o/d
to 500mm o/d
(4mm thick)
(25mm thick)
Hollowfrom 50mm o/d
to 500mm o/d
(40mm thick)
(110mm thick)
Hydraulic Tubefrom 4.76mm o/d
to 48.42mm o/d
(0.91mm thick)
(4.06mm thick)
Line Pipefrom 13.7mm o/d
to 406.4mm o/d
(2.24mm thick)
(9.52mm thick)