Reinforcing Accessories




Dyfed Steels Ltd provides a comprehensive range of steel reinforcement and rebar construction accessories. From spacers, bolts, couplers to many others that are available. We provide information and assistance to help with the most unusual problems.

Accessories include: Plastic & Concrete Spacers, Continuous High Chairs, Circular Wire Spacers, Continuity Strips, Dowel Bars, Dowel Bar Cages (made to order), Permanent Shuttering, Tying Wire.





Dual purpose supports for spacing bars and fabric in 2 metre standard lengths.

CodeHeight mmBundle Size
RSD 505025
RSD 606025
RSD 707025
RSD 808025
RSD 909025
RSD 10010025
RSD 12012025
RSD 13013025
RSD 15015025
RSD 16016025
RSD 18018025
RSD 20020025
RSD 22022025
RSD 25025025
RSD 28028025
RSD 30030025


Circular Spacers

The most economical way of supporting top steel in slabs with a 3.2/3.6m strip bent and tied to form a 1.000/1.100 dia. circle 2-3 per sheet are normally sufficient.

CodeHeight mmBundle size
RSD 606025
RSD 757525
RSD 909025
RSD 10510525
RSD 12012025
RSD 13513525
RSD 15015025
RSD 16516525
RSD 18018025
RSD 20020025


1.7mm fully annealed tying wire for use with plain reinforcement. 1.22mm stainless wire for use with stainless steel reinforcement.


RefCoil weight kg
PW A 2525
PW A 22
Stainless Steel


Square section, heavy duty fibrous cement spacer bar. Supplied in 1 metre length.


CodeCover mm
RSB 2525
RSB 3030
RSB 4040
RSB 5050
RSB 6060
RSB 7070
RSB 7575


A double cover plastic chair designed to support fabric or rebar off polythene damp proof membranes. In ground slab construction.

CodeCoverPack size
RMF 40/5040 + 50250
RMF 65/7564 + 75125
RMF 90/10090 + 100100


Circular Bar Spacer

Injection molded plastic bar spacer.

CodeCover mmBar sizePack size
15 CBS 80154-81000
20 CBS 08204-81000
20 CBS 12208-121000
25 CBS 12258-12500
25 CBS 202516-20500
30 CBS 12308-12250
40 CBS 12408-12250
50 CBS 12508-12250


Spacemen & Meshmen

Spacemen – A range of heavy duty fibrours cement spacer blocks for horizontal and vertical spacing of reinforcement steel bars and fabric.
Meshmen – A heavy duty concrete block for supporting fabric or reinforcing bar off polythene membranes.

CodeCover mmPack size
Triple Cover
RSM 3020/25/30500
RSM 5030/40/50250
Double Cover
RSM 5545/55200
RSM 6950/60200
RSM 7065/7050
RMM 40/5040/50150


We offer a range of rebar couplers including ANCON Tapered Thread and MBT couplers and LENTON® products which carry full CARES Approval.

Please call to discuss your requirements.



Conical foundation bolt boxes to form cavities in foundations for holding down bolts.


RefLength mm (ins)Approx diameter mm
CB1229 (9)7020
CB2305 (12)9220
CB3380 (15)10825
CB4457 (18)11430
CB5534 (21)11830
CB6610 (24)13330