Shot Blasting & Painting




Shot Blasting & Painting Line

Latest investment in a new Kaltenbach Sprint A2506/KPC2504 6 turbine shot blasting and painting line with a 2.5 m width capacity. The system is able to process steel sections plates including thin materials, cleaning at high output rate to SA 2.5 standard.

The Sprint 2506 is the latest generation shot blaster from the KALTENBACH/GIETART Stable it has an auto adjustable shot pattern to automatically switch between Plate and Section. The KPC has the lowest paint consumption in its class thanks to the optimum spray gun concept. The chain conveyor system ensures minimum contact of painted surfaces.

Components emerge from the shot blaster in a completely clean state and can be immediately redirected into an automatic 4 head paint line, that applies water based primer paint to give an all-round even coverage with minimal paint waste and optimal cleanliness. Painted parts are then passed through a drying tunnel and emerge touch dry ready for processing.

The system allows us to load on new materials direct from on site stock and remove rust and mill scale in a single pass, adding primer paint without the need to handle the material again until they are offloaded for the next process.

Painted components are dried through our drying tunnel and emerge ready for further processing on to our Sawing and Drilling line. Go to Drilling page for more information.


Painting is available with the following products:


Steel shot blasting is available with the following products:



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