State of the Art plate processing systems




Kaltenbach UK Limited have just supplied 2, “State of the Art” plate processing systems to Dyfed Steels plate division in Bynea South Wales. Manufactured by our partner company Zinser (Established in 1868 in the Stuttgart region of Germany).

Both machines use the latest Hypertherm XPR300 plasma units and have a cutting area of 3m wide by 22m long enabling various plate thicknesses to be processed without having to “Swap” material. The machines ability to remember where each plate is and, what has been already cut means that the scrap left over is minimised.

The first machine has a very heavy duty drilling head attached, allowing for carbide drilling, tapping and countersinking prior to cutting. It also has the latest bevelling plasma unit. The technology for the bevelling plasma is very complex and the algorithms to produce the correct angles were developed by Zinser in conjunction with Hypertherm.

The second machine is a more standard double headed Hypertherm XPR300 powered system allowing for much greater productivity on larger batch cutting.

Once again, Kaltenbach Ltd is proud to have been of assistance to Dyfed Steels in their ongoing improvement drive.






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