Investing in latest state of the art technology


Sprint 2506 Shot Blaster with KPC 2504 Painting System Capacity (w x h) 2600 x 650mm

Throughput between 15,000 to 20,000 tons /annum (material Dependant)

The Sprint 2506 is the latest generation shotblaster from the KALTENBACH/GIETART Stable it has an auto adjustable shot pattern to automatically switch between Plate and Section. This, combined with Inverter driven turbine motors, ensures optimum shot distribution regardless of the plate or section being processed. The KPC has the lowest paint consumption in its class thanks to the optimum spray gun concept. The chain conveyor system through the paint drying tunnel, ensures minimum contact of painted surfaces until the material has thoroughly dried.

This large investment by Dyfed Steels demonstrates the company’s continuing efforts to provide the best quality solution for its customers. Kaltenbach Limited is committed to working with Dyfed Steels to help in realising this goal.




KBS1051/KDM1015 Saw/Drill System Capacity 1030mm x 500mm

The Combined Saw and Drilling system Recently installed at Dyfed steels is very much at the cutting edge of current design and innovation in the area of steel processing. The KBS1051 is rightfully regarded as the “Fastest Production Bandsaw” in the world. The AFC (Auto Feed Control) manoeuvres the blades angle of attack as it passes through the steel sections ensuring minimum “Slow Down” through the web or, horizontal element of the section. This increases cutting times by at least 30% over a standard machine. This combined with the KDM1015 drilling machine produces a combination system that can just as easily work on 50mm x 5mm flat bar or, 1000mm x 500mm Sectional steel. The Spindle speeds allow for modern carbide drills and milling options and the 430Nm of torque easily cope with 50mm Ø Drills through 50mm Steel.

Yet again, Dyfed Steels in conjunction with Kaltenbach Limited has installed a winning combination at this progressive Stockholder.




KBS1301 Bandsaw, Capacity 1300mm x 700mm

Once Again, Dyfed Steels has shown it’s commitment to it’s customers and installed a KBS1301 Sawing line. This Saw has been the benchmark structural Steel Bandsaw for over a decade and, with good reason, it’s robust construction, ease of maintenance and rugged reliability, combined with the large mitre angle it is able to achieve on even the biggest sections ensures that Dyfed Steels can deliver even greater added value.

“Kaltenbach Limited is proud to be the structural steel processing partner of Dyfed Steels.”




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